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Our Story

We are Karlton and Shinny, your Start Again specialists. We have been married for 17 years, serving couples for the past 7 years. After trying to do marriage our own way, living with unmet expectations and failing miserably, we were introduced to a community that would provide us with the tools that ultimately saved our marriage. Our mindset towards marriage has been altered and has redirected us to helping other married couples to learn how to do life together the way that God intended. We also specialize in assisting with self discovery and building a deeper relationship with God.


We have two children, a high schooler and a Navy Sailor. Showing our kids what a healthy marriage looks like is our mission. We have learned that our marriage is a reflection of Christ and his bride. We must be intentional about how we treat each other. We are also responsible to train and equip our children on what healthy marriages look like.


We find ourselves on a journey, growing closer to God each day and learning many valuable lessons while doing so. Allowing God to work on us, in us, and through us has resulted in the total makeover of us as individuals and our marriage. Now we run the race that was set before us and live only to fulfill God's plan for our marriage. Behaviors have changed, perspectives have aligned with God's vision and all of the hard work has paid off!


The Sutherlands

Start Again

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